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Our INS Physicals Are In Depth

Experiencing the "American Dream" starts with our INS physicals and immigration medical exams in Melbourne, Florida. Melbourne Medical Center wants to make sure that you and your family complete your physical in a speedy and efficient way, which is why we offer in-depth immigrant physicals and medical exams by our INS designated Civil Surgeon Dr. Heshmati.

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Our immigration medical exams include:

  • Basic Physical Examination
  • Required Lab & Blood Work
  • Tuberculosis Skin Testing
  • Vaccination Status Verification
  • Copies of Laboratory Results
  • Certified & Sealed I-693 Forms

Your Certified & Sealed I-693 Form Is to Be Opened by INS Officials ONLY!

What to Bring with You to the INS Exam & Immigration Physical

  • Valid Government-Issued Picture ID (Driver's License or Passport)
  • Pre-Completed Immigration Physical Form I-693 (Top Portion of First Page Only)
  • We Can Provide an I-693 Form if You Don't Have One.
  • You Don't Need to Fast for Any Laboratory Testing.
  • Proof of Prior Vaccination (if any- if you do not have any proof of vaccinations, do not worry as we will help you complete all your necessary immunizations.)

The Exam

The full INS immigration exam is very simple and requires basic steps with 2 office visits. The basic steps are as follows: 

  1. A basic immigration physical exam and mental status evaluation (exam sometimes may be performed on the second visit).

  2. A blood test. Applicants age 15 and older are required to have a serologic blood test for syphilis (RPR).

  3. Applicants under  age 15 may or may NOT require syphilis testing at the discretion of the civil surgeon or if there is reason to suspect the possibility of infection. Keep in mind that Florida law requires the lab to perform a confirmation test if your blood work turns positive. The charges for the extra lab work (confirmatory test) are not included in our prices and can cost extra depending on your lab results.

  4. The full history of the applicant's medical status as related to the INS exam is taken.

  5. Applicants age 2 and older are required to have a tuberculin skin test (PPD) performed. This test requires a return visit to the office within 48 to 72 hours after administration. If the test reading is greater than 5 MM of induration, a chest X-ray will be required. We know that some applicants may have received a BCG vaccine in their home country, which may make the TB testing positive. We know how to handle those situations without compromising what is required for the INS physical.

  6. If you should require a chest X-ray, the cost of the X-ray is not included in the price of the immigration exam. The X-ray can be scheduled for you, or you may choose a radiology office on your own. We have relationships with a few radiology offices that can perform the chest X-ray at a very reasonable and small cost if you should require one.

  7. We need proof of vaccinations or blood tests to provide immunity. We can help you with completing your vaccination requirements. All vaccinations depend on your health history and age. We will let you know after the medical exam of any vaccination you may or may not require.

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